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I put Phalanx in with the Auxiliaries because he didn’t join the team until Italy officially entered the war in 1940 and, like Italy he switched sides and became a co-belligerent (He was never a fascist himself, just loyal to his country and the dream of a restored Roman Empire). I called these guys Auxiliaries because none of them were permanent members of the team (unlike Southern Belle).
As to Hotspur’s alter ego, he was named so as a nod to a friend of mine who is English. Chugglesworth was the surname of his character in our M&M campaign and he assured me it was a real name. Chugglesworth just sounded like a golden age villain name (given silly names to point out they are the baddies). I am quite happy to change it though.
The Japanese have their own team of enhanced operatives called the Imperial Elite and who operate exclusively in the Pacific Theater.