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Ummm, you do know that Italy was both a Facist state and on the side of Nazi Germany during the second world war, thus rendering Phalanx’s place on this team and not the main team questionable. Or at least on a team made up of villains from all three of the Axis Powers.
Also, and this is a personal gripe, but could you not have thought of a better real name for Hotspur? Algernon and Forsythe are fine, both fairly posh rarely used names (although really Forsythe is more of a surname), but Chugglesworth? Really? That is actually pretty poor for just coming up with a randomly posh stupid English name (and this is coming from someone who has a stupid English surname). Couldn’t you have at least found an existing uncommon surname that at least sound plausible. Chugglesworth just sounds like you were lazily playing to stereotypes.
Anyway, sorry for the rant, not a bad group, some pretty solid designs, Black Cossack in particular looks very strong.