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And here are the Auxilliary members of the Axis Elite. Most are sympathisers who have sided with the Nazis rather than their own countries.
Phalanx (Italy)
Giancarlo Fermi has the ability to manifest copies of himself which he believes comes from the spirits of his Roman ancestors, manifesting through himself to restore the Empire to glory.
Triomphe (France)
Mimette Delacroix grew up in the Rhineland region of France claimed from Germany after WWI. The family took on a french name but were still proud Germans at heart. Descended from Teutonic Knights, Mimette was schooled in the art of fencing, a skill she put to good use on behalf of Germany.
Black Cossack (Soviet Union)
Like many of his fellow cossacks, Ivan Mikhail Dragunov saw the German invasion of Russia as salvation for his people from the savage pogroms of the Bolsheviks. Volunteering to fight on behalf of the Germans, he was assigned to the Axis Elite once his abilities became known.
Hotspur (Britain)
Lord Algernon Forsythe Chuggsworth was one of the founders of the BUF (British Union of Fascists) fearing a red uprising amongst the working class. When the party was officially outlawed, he fled to Germany to continue the fight until his fellow lords realised their error.

As an added bonus, now that I have a better understanding of HM3 I have updated Southern Belle’s costume to better reflect my original design for her.