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I have three other members of the Southern Stars, my Australian superteam to post – Opal, Wipeout and a fifth mystery member. But first I’ll be posting my WWII villains the Axis Elite.
I would really appreciate any feedback and/or advice you guys can provide.
Just as a little bonus I thought I’d add a villain now. His composure is pretty basic by Machine Standards but I think he still looks OK.
I give you The Grin.
The grin appears as an indistinct form amid a cloud of smoke, except for the mask and hat along with it’s eyes and fanged, grinning mouth. The Grin can materialise various parts of itself from anywhere within the cloud, usually manifesting its wickedly clawed hands to toy with its victims one light laceration at a time. The Grin seems to feed on the fear and pain it causes, growing more distinct (and solid) the longer it feeds. Bright Light and Strong winds are its main weaknesses though anyone capable of becoming intangible can see and touch its true form.

Tommy was late getting home from his night job, wandering the foggy Boston streets alone. Slowly, unnoticed by Tommy, the fog began to rise up into a column that followed him noiselessly. A hazy, indistinct humanoid form could be faintly seen within the column and, when it reached the height of a man a mask and hat suddenly appeared followed by a pair of glowing green eyes and a green, wickedly smiling mouth full of yellowish teeth, fangs really. Tommy froze to a the spot when a hand landed on his shoulder, turning around ready for a fight Tommy froze in terror at the sight before him. Slowly more clawed hands materialised out of the fog, each slashing at Tommy lightly, almost gently even but, where each clawed hand caressed the young man, deep gouges appeared on his body. The hands continued their work, lightly playing over the terrified Tommy, leaving deep, painful gouges. The more pain and fear Tommy suffered, the more the apparition grinned. The next morning, Tommy’s lifeless body was found laying in the street covered in multiple vicious wounds BUT there was not one drop of blood to be found, on the street or in the body. Those who knew what to look for had their worst fears realised…The Grin had come back to Boston.