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Name: Captain Wonder
Real Name: Steve Carson
Hero or Villain: Hero
Power(s)/Ability(s): Super Strength, Invulnerability.
Status: Active
Steve Carson grew up hearing stories about his great grandfather Fred Carson, an intrepid adventurer who disappeared mysteriously shortly before the start of WWII. One night he dreamt that his great grandfather visited him in his sleep and left him a strange ring with the admonition that it was both a great responsibility and a great burden and that his life would be forever changed if he put it on. The next morning when Steve awoke the ring from his dream was sitting on his dresser along with a note.
The note told him that he must tell nobody about the ring and that, should he put it on, all would be explained. Curiosity eventually got the better of Steve and he put on the ring, the rest is history…
Note: Captain Wonder is an homage to the original Wonder Man published by Fox Publications for only one issue before being consigned to obscurity thanks to a law suit from DC Comics. I love some of the obscure public domain superheroes from the Golden Age of comics and Captain Wonder is my attempt to continue their legacies.

This is Captain Wonder’s standard costume.
This is a variation of Captain Wonder’s normal costume with the Insignia more closely matching that of his Golden Age inspiration.