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Name: American Shield (Golden Age)
Real Name: Ulysses Samuel ‘Sam’ Steele
Hero or Villain: Hero
Alliance(s): Guardians of Liberty
Power(s)/Ability(s): Shield that absorbs kinetic energy, the more energy it absorbs, the stronger it gets, high levels of combat training
Status: Deceased (old age)
The Original American Shield, Sam Steele was a worker at the Brooklyn Navy Yard where they were building a new warship with experimental hull plating. Nazi Saboteurs attempted to destroy the unfinished vessel and, in the ensuing explosions a piece of plating landed right in front of Sam, undoubtedly saving his life by absorbing and deflecting the blast and shrapnel. When Sam came to, he noted that the shard of metal was completely unscarred so, for reasons he couldn’t explain Sam smuggled the shard home. Having lost many friends and co-workers in the explosions, Sam, inspired by the recent stories of masked mystery men, decided to become one himself. The shard was roughly shaped like a shield and so he called himself the American Shield.