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Okay. Cadeyrn should be in a green tunic with runic embroding on it. Perhaps some Celtic ruins on his body as well having been the son of a Druid. He should wear a cloak to keep him warm in the winter. A simple wolf in sheeps clothing appearence. A warrior dressed as a villager would work. As for whether or not his tattoes should be shown is up to the weather. As he wears a simple peice of clothing or no shirt during the warm summers but for the rest of the year warm clothes to deal with the irish cold climate.
Upon being enslaved by the romans his old clothes are burnt in front of him and is forced to wear rags that no longer honour his tribe or the people he once fought for. However he still wants to follow his dream and become like one of the many irish celtic heros he heard about in his youth. To be like Cú Chulainn or Fionn mac Cumhaill was always his dream, but now hes no longer sure if he can follow his dream.