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Forgot all about this, sorry for long delay. I did do a Roman soldier a few days ago, in fact, all the while wondering why Magnus Maximus of all people needed someone else to draw a Roman soldier for him – then realised that mentioning that he “carried himself like a soldier” implies that he ISN’T in armour! Here’s my new attempt. (I haven’t posted the one in armour because I forgot to back up my Flash cookie that one time and the computer ate it.)

If this continues, I’ve noticed that we could really do with a top that hangs in folds at the hem, like it would be if it was worn under armour or a belt:,_Roman._-_017_-_Costumes_of_All_Nations_%281882%29.JPG (bottom left) Really looks much more convincing. Also, are there any sandals? I can’t find them.

Thanks for the magician, always helps to see how someone else might go at it! I used it this time, in fact, to see how to shade faces.

Maybe you’d have a better chance if you post more than one character at a time?