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Blue Blazer

Alias: Fathom
Real Name: Shane Westley
Genre: Supervillain
Powers/Special Skills: hydrogenesis, hydrokinesis
Special Weapons/Tools/Armor: none
Affiliations: Deluge; The Gauntlet
Other Aliases: Hydro-Boy
Status: at large
Shane is the son of world-famous superhero Aquarius. Because Shane’s mother has no superpowers, Shane inherited only some of his father’s water-based powers, namely the ability to create water out of thin air, and to control the movement of all water in his vicinity. Shane played sidekick to his father’s heroing as a boy, posing as the kiddie hero Hydro-Boy while his dad masqueraded as rookie hero Deluge. But Shane had bigger plans for himself.

When his father became the leader of the Celestials and changed his name to Aquarius, Shane seemed to be tossed aside for his father’s own plans of grandeur. So Shane, then a young man, changed his name to Fathom and became a supervillain, vowing to never become an egotistical, vain hero like his father. In his misadventures he met and fell in love with a woman who after a year of their marriage died giving birth to his twin daughters.

Aquarius had learned of his son’s misdeeds and of the babies and quickly managed to sneak one of them away from Shane. This baby grew up to be the superheroine River.

The other twin Shane raised himself, and taught her that the world was cruel and that the only way to survive it was to be just as cruel. This twin was named Brook. Neither knows the other exists.

Shane, as Fathom, eventually joined the ranks of the villainous team known as the Gauntlet, and let his daughter be free to wreak havoc on the world. Because Shane’s wife was also a non-super, the twins each only acquired his ability to control water, but neither can create it from thin air.