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Blue Blazer

Alias: The Faerie Queen
Real Name: Talvatania
Genre: Sorceress
Powers/Special Skills: various magical abilities
Special Weapons/Tools/Armor: none
Affiliations: Faerie World
Other Aliases: none
Status: confined
Talvatania was a low-level wood nymph, living in the land of fairy tales. But unlike most of her kind, she had an insatiable hunger for more magical ability, which caused her to seek far and wide for ways to augment her power. Eventually this became a horrifying obsession, until she had amassed so much power that she became aware that she and the other beings in her universe were fictional characters. It was not long before Talvatania declared herself the ruler of this world, and found a way to escape it, while simultaneously manifesting it into a huge leather bound book she named the Book of Fables. She could use this book to entrap beings from the human world in the fairy tale realm, as well as walk among us, furthering her search for ultimate power. Eventually she was ensnared by the combined efforts of several wizards and witches into a binding crystal, where she remains to this day.