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Blue Blazer

Alias: Facade
Real Name: Genevieve Carter
Genre: Superhero
Powers/Special Skills: physical mimicry; acquisition of memories; power mimicry
Special Weapons/Tools/Armor: none
Affiliations: Dynamos Special Operations
Other Aliases: none
Status: active
Genni’s parents were golden age actors in the movies before she and her brother Ben were born. Thanks to their pretty, famous faces, the money came pouring in. But, as is the cold hard truth with all of God’s creatures, the Carter couple began to get older, and their faces showed it. Soon fewer movie offers came, and their wild, carefree lifestyles left them suddenly wanting for money.

To boost their popularity and make their way into the spotlight once more, both Megan and Aiden Carter volunteered for an experimental plastic surgery, one that could surgically attach a second, more youthful layer of skin over their faces and give them back their glamorous good looks. The extra layer was semi-organic, and could adapt to the many facial features that humans make.

For a few years, the experiment was a success. Megan and Aiden were once again America’s sweethearts. During this time, they had two children, Genevieve and her brother Ben. But sadly, negative effects began to surface. The second layer of skin on each actor began to take over, covering their faces completely in a thick layer of flesh. It still allowed them to breathe and see, and could absorb food. Then, the skin burrowed itself deeper and entwined itself into their brains. Once there, it allowed itself to be controlled mentally by its hosts. Suddenly, both Aiden and Megan could mold their faces to look like anyone they came in contact with physically.

However, the shock didn’t end there. After a time, the skin gave each host a new power. Aiden gained the ability to also gain the memories and knowledge of the person he mimicked, and Megan was able to form her hands into any object she desired.

Their children, Genni and Ben, acquired all of these traits and appearances. Genni adopted her father’s abilities, and Ben his mother’s. When the children were teenagers, both Aiden and Megan committed suicide. They were ashamed of what they had become and what they had produced.

Ben and Genn have now grown up and were much better able to cope with their differences than their parents. Ben was eagerly recruited by the CIA as an international spy.

Genn, on the other hand, turned her powers toward superheroism in their hometown of Rockford though not nearly as large as the hulking metropolis of Ford City, Rockford has its share of shadows, and Genn, under the guise of the heroine Facade, is more than capable of keeping it to a minimum. But now Genn, at the age of 33, yearns for something more. She has heard of an expansive organization known as the Dynamos, and has decided to seek them out and hopes to become a member.