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Blue Blazer

Alias: Experiment 9
Real Name: Frank Peters
Genre: Supervillain
Powers/Special Skills: none
Special Weapons/Tools/Armor: various cybernetic enhancements
Affiliations: Sphinx Corporation
Other Aliases: none
Status: at large
Frank Peters was a senior in college when he was abducted by the nefarious Sphinx Corporation. Frank was selected to be the involuntary test subject for the Omega Man Project. Frank’s body was pumped full of cybernetic implants, giving him superhuman speed, strength, and reflexes, and making his mind more machine than man. The implants included triple claws that could retract into the backs of his hands, a robotic tail that could deliver devastating sweeping blows, and a new set of infrared eyes that could pick up various signals and sounds and display them to Frank via a helmet monitor. But the most bizarre addition to Frank’s physiology was the placement of the Nonachip inside his newly acquired circuitry. This device could revive Frank if he died via impulse to a cybernetic second heart and a swarm of nanobots which could repair any damage taken to his body. The limited power of this chip allows Frank to resurrect himself 8 times, giving him a total of nine lives. Because of this, the Sphinx Corporation scientists in charge of the surgery also fashioned him a costume resembling a cat. Now Frank, under the codename Experiment 9, is programmed to carry out tasks for the corporation, most of which include assassination.