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Blue Blazer

Name: Esmerelda MacArthur
Genre: Superhero (Golden Age)
Powers/Special Skills: possesses the Emerald Flame
Special Weapons/Tools/Armor: Ethereal Belt
Affiliations: Max MacArthur, Jade MacArthur
Other Aliases: none
Status: retired
When Esmerelda Van Horst was a child, she was visited by a cosmic being who, in fear of losing it, bestowed her with a golden belt. This belt gave its wearer the power of the Emerald Flame. Esmerelda was suddenly endowed with the ability to create green flames with her hands and throw them with fierce accuracy. Her skin and hair were changed to the color of jade, as well. As she grew up, Esmerelda became familiar enough with her ability that she decided to use it to fight crime in Caligo. While there, she met and married Max MacArthur, also known as Metal Max. Her husband became her guardian from the dark forces seeking the golden belt, and the two battled evil side-by-side for many years until they retired to Florida where they reside today.

Esmerelda passed the belt down to her daughter Jade, who has filled her mother’s shoes quite effectively.