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Blue Blazer

Alias: Equalizer
Real Name: Cal Gronfeld
Genre: Cosmic Being/Superhero
Powers/Special Skills: knowledge of cosmic balance
Special Weapons/Tools/Armor: a variety of otherworldy weaponry
Affiliations: Council of Sol
Other Aliases: Gronfell
Status: active
Gronfell is a member of the Council of Sol, whose purpose is to assure balance across the field of existence in our solar system. Gronfell was chosen to be their agent on Earth. He is neither good nor evil, but will fight for either side to maintain the balance necessary to keep reality from careening into nothingness. He has taken the Earth name Cal Gronfeld, and works as a professor of astronomy at the local university. It is undecided how to deal with his influence, since he is a great asset when fighting for the side of good, but a terrible enemy when aiding evil.