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Blue Blazer

Alias: Echo
Real Name: Rosemary Crowder
Genre: Superhero
Powers/Special Skills: emits a high frequency sound from her pores; can manipulate any sound
Affiliations: Archer
Other Aliases: none
Status: active
Rosemary has the mutant ability to emit high frequency sound waves from her body, as well as control the movement and intensity of any sound in her vicinity. These waves take on an almost solid quality that can be used to push things around, help her navigate in the dark, and even fly on a cushion of sound. Rosemary is a middle school chorus instructor at Caligo Central Middle School. She is the younger sister of superhero Archer.

One of Rosemary’s most notable feats was when she killed the evil creature known as Screech, by turning the beast’s destructive scream back at her.