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Blue Blazer

Alias: Deadwalker
Real Name: Frank Forman
Genre: Supernatural Cop
Powers/Special Skills: ability to travel to the Dead Realm; control of the Ethereal Flame
Special Weapons/Tools/Armor: 9mm pistol
Affiliations: Caligo Police Department (CPD)
Other Aliases: none
Status: active
After a near-death experience at the hands of a vicious serial killer, Detective Frank Forman has the unique ability to visit the Dead Realm, a higher plane of existence to which unavenged spirits are sent. With this ability, Frank can meet with murder victims to determine their killers. Once justice has been served for each spirit, it is free to pass into Heaven. To repay him for freeing them from the bondage in which they live, the spirits bestowed upon Frank the Ethereal Flame, a green ectoplasmic fire he can blast from his fingers to take out his enemies.