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Blue Blazer

Name: Dante Inferno
Genre: Demon
Powers/Special Skills: pyrogenesis, pyrokinesis, mind manipulation
Affiliations: Hellgate Dimension
Other Aliases: none
Status: deceased
His touch is the scald of sulphuric acid and his voice is the lure of a desert oasis. Dante Inferno is a creature from the wasteland dimension of Hellgate. None know how he was able to escape from his fiery world, but he has made himself comfortable in ours. He takes the guise of a cutthroat young businessman, a billionaire playboy who partakes in every taboo vice imaginable. He uses his super power of suggestion to get his way in almost every situation. At most times, Dante appears as a normal human, but when he uses his vast heat and manipulation abilities, he grows horns and his skin turns shiny black. This creature’s original mission was to scout our world as a potential conquerable world, but he got so used to it that he never returned to Hellgate. When the other inhabitants of the demon realm were able to invade out dimension, Dante was found and immediately killed for his failure.