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Blue Blazer

Alias: Cutthroat
Real Name: Kenny Price
Genre: Serial Killer
Powers/Special Skills: excellent swordsman
Special Weapons/Tools/Weapons: pistol and sword
Affiliations: none
Other Aliases: none
Status: at large
As a child, Kenny Price was fascinated by pirates of the old days, and spent his free hours in the forest near his home by himself pretending to be one. But one day, a group of high school kids saw him, caught him, and laughing hysterically, cut a skull and crossbones into the skin on his chest. Kenny didn’t play in the forest for a long time after that.

Instead, he grew up suppressing his childlike imagination. But every time he looked in the mirror he was reminded of that terrible day, and every day he went more and more insane.

When Kenny was laid off from his job as a shrimp fisherman, he finally snapped and all of his desire to be a pirate returned. He fashioned himself a costume befitting Blackbeard, bought a talking parrot, and has now become a terrible serial killer. He kidnaps young women, takes them to an abandoned cargo ship, and then rapes and kills them. He carries a long curved saber and a small anchor as weapons. He is one of the Raven’s recurring enemies.