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Blue Blazer

Alias: Crossfire
Real Name: Brett Klein
Genre: Demon Hunter
Powers/Special Skills: expert wrestler
Special Weapons/Tools/Armor: revolver and various specialized bullets
Affiliations: Christgard
Other Aliases: Apostle
Status: active
Brett was the leader of the Vatican-sanctioned demon-hunting team Christgard. He wielded a crossbow that fired sharpened steel crosses at the team’s stygian enemies. Brett was once just a Catholic assistant priest when he was noticed by the Pope because he had won the Church league wrestling match 7 years in a row. Brett was the Christgard member responsible for bringing new members to meet the Pope, with whom he developed a close professional relationship.

When deep corruption within the Vatican led to the sudden disbanding of Christgard, Brett was left alone and completely disillusioned. Though he continues fighting demons on a freelance basis with the codename Crossfire, he has lost his friendly, compassionate demeanor and become an angry, jaded man. He only hunts for clients willing to pay, and otherwise seems to care little about the rampant evil festering in America.