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Blue Blazer

@Herr D said:

Nah, man; I already can’t even hear my OWN voice in my head, let alone ‘extra’ ones. Too much hearing loss from raising young. Such is the life of a modern human daddy. Excessive sleep dep, worry-related symptoms, hearing loss, and shoulder reflux. At least the shoulder reflux is on the way out with them getting a little older.

–Wait a minute. If someone is DEAF AND SCHIZOPHRENIC, do they NOT hear voices in their heads? I mean, that would kind of be a dead giveaway that they weren’t real, right? I wonder who knows the answer to that one?

Oh, well; nice work on the Constrictor. Can he give gentle hugs too, or does he not have the control?

I hear you on the parenthood, Herr. I have a little Mini-Me and two future stepkids. I get it.

Constrictor can definitely give gentle hugs. He just has very little opportunity.