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Blue Blazer

Alias: Albion

Real Name: Dan Ramsey

Genre: Superhero

Powers/Special Skills: super strength; nigh-invulnerability

Special Weapons/Tools/Armor: Magical sword and shield

Affiliations: The Round Table; Her Majesty’s League of Heroes; Hero Corps: London

Other Aliases: King Arthur

Status: active


Daniel Ramsey awoke in the middle of Stonehenge around the age of sixteen with no memory of his life until that moment. On the ground beside him lay two items – a golden-hilted sword and a shield bearing the crest of King Richard the Lionheart. Completely confused and terrified, Dan grabbed the two items and made his way across the English countryside, ending up in London. He stashed the sword and shield in an abandoned building and found the local orphanage. He was a quiet, handsome young man, and it wasn’t long before the Ramseys adopted them into their home. Though they were loving parents, Dan could never shake the feeling that he belonged elsewhere, and he was ever curious as to his previous life. On his eighteenth birthday, Dan again found the sword and shield. In the dusty, empty warehouse, he began to teach himself to use them, but suddenly discovered that there was more than steel in these items. When holding the sword, Dan found that he achieved instant super strength, and when holding the shield he was resistant to most injury. Also, he became aware that these two objects were made of some sort of unbreakable metal, one that could cut through any material he slashed or stabbed.


With this new power at his fingertips, Dan began to prowl the streets, stopping in-progress crimes. He began to call the sword Excalibur, after the legendary king, and the shield Lionheart, after the monarch who bore its symbol. He secretly fashioned himself a war helm of steel and a suit of armor, and sightings began to be reported of the strange knight who thwarted would-be criminals at night. He was finally caught up to by Agent Merlin, an agent of the English government, who offered the young man a position on the newly conceived team called the Round Table.


Tests conducted on Excalibur and Lionheart revealed that they were composed of ultranium, an incredibly rare metal found virtually nowhere on Earth. The magical properties, however, could not be explained. Because he seemed to show the most strength and proficiency, Dan was made the leader of the Round Table and given the code name King Arthur. During his time in this persona, a group of people began to believe that he was actually the next incarnation of Arthur Pendragon, and they formed a cult called the Order of the Second. Despite Dan’s refusals that he was the second coming of the mythical king, the Order continued to worship him as a religious icon.


The Round Table became an efficient force for good across the United Kingdom until they were disbanded by Prime Minister William Hawthorne, who was secretly affiliated with the nefarious Fourth Reich. After Hawthorne’s treachery was discovered, Dan was asked to join Her Majesty’s League of Heroes, a team of superheroes hand-picked by the queen herself. Dan finally changed his alias to Albion, and served on the League for a few years. But he knew he was a born leader and strategist, and not being in charge caused a rift between him and some of the League’s other members. After talks with Parliament, Dan was put in charge of the British version of the Hero Corps.