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Blue Blazer

Name: Ajax

Genre: Warrior

Powers/Special Skills: unparalleled melee fighter

Special Weapons/Tools/Armor: Champion’s Armor; dual Blastaffs

Affiliations: Kingdom of Troia (Planet Korodan)

Other Aliases: Ryzar’s Guardian

Status: active


On the planet Korodan there is a sprawling kingdom called Troia. This realm has grown rich over the centuries because it is one of the few places on Korodan where the incredibly potent magic mineral called Aegite exists in large quantities. Although Troia happily trades this rock to any other kingdoms on the planet, there are still those who would take it by force. Therefore, it was deemed necessary long ago that one man would be chosen every 30 years to receive the training to become the overall champion of Troia and its chief soldier. This tradition arose from the observance that every three decades, a child was born with a birthmark resembling the legendary Eye of Ryzar, an artifact lost in the deserts bordering Troia to the south. This is the child who is given, from the day he is born, the education of a warrior. Ajax is the current of these fabled soldiers, and he does not disappoint. He is the only person in Troia allowed to don the Champion’s Armor, a suit that combines mechanics and magic to turn the already formidable fighter into an unstoppable force.