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Blue Blazer

Alias: Champion
Real Name: Lance Garrick
Genre: Hero
Powers/Special Skills: expert knowledge of firearms and explosives; extraordinary aim
Special Weapons/Tools/Armor: vast array of advanced weaponry and armor
Affiliations: MACHINE; Outrage
Past Aliases: Rage, King Cobra
Status: active
Lance began his career as Navy SEAL, until he was offered a job at the M.A.C.H.I.N.E., a clandestine government-funded organization specializing in espionage and assassinations. There he was given the codename King Cobra for his almost animalistic and savage love for the heat of battle. But he was ambushed and left for dead by one of his own teammates, known as Copperhead, and swore vengeance on the entire organization as the anti-hero Rage. He single-handedly brought down MACHINE, killing most of its members including Copperhead and seemingly himself. But he eventually climbed from the carnage, scarred and nearly dead. He went into hiding for a year, working out until he was at peak physical health and practicing as much as possible with his vast weaponry (he still had various underground contacts to attain such things and hidden arsenals all over the world). He then re-emerged as the Champion and moved himself to Devil’s Porch, the slums of Caligo, where he can dole out punishment against the criminals who take advantage of the poor and helpless.