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Blue Blazer

Alias: Chameleon
Real Name: Will Mansfield
Genre: Superhero
Powers/Special Skills: adaptive camouflage
Special Weapons/Tools/Armor: two nightsticks
Affiliations: N-Force
Other Aliases: none
Status: active
Will was an ordinary high school English teacher when he was abducted by thugs for brilliant but psychotic genetics expert Dr. Anthony Silva. Because many of his previous gene splicing experiments had failed, but he was convinced that human and animal DNA could be combined, Silva had created a machine that would bombard a human subject’s body with a small sample of blood from every known animal on the planet. As luck would have it, Will became Dr. Silva’s first unwilling subject. Will spent many tortuous days in Silva’s machine, enduring injection after injection after injection with almost no rest.

And then, when he thought his sanity would finally break from the strain and the pain, the experiment worked.

The DNA that finally bonded and partnered with Will’s was that of a panther chameleon. Though Dr. Silva believed he had prepared himself, his minions, and his lab for anything, he was not ready for Will to suddenly vanish before his eyes. He rushed into the chamber, but when he could not find his subject, he angrily assumed that Will’s body had evaporated from the experiment. In truth, Will had pressed himself up against a wall of the chamber when he realized that he had become virtually invisible, thanks to the camouflage ability of chameleons.

He quietly escaped Dr. Silva’s secret underground laboratory and made his way home, slowly gaining control over the strange new ability he had acquired. He realized that he could even cause anything he touched to become invisible too. But he never thought to stay hidden. He resumed his job, not realizing that Silva’s goons were still prowling. They found him and Silva finally realized that his experiment had been a success. Will was captured again, and a chip was surgically implanted in the back of his neck that caused him to be obedient to Silva. He became the scientist’s unwilling source of income, robbing businesses and banks of thousands of dollars thanks to his camouflage.

But Will lucked out when the superhero team N-Force learned of Silva’s secret lab and raided it, freeing Will of his mind control and offering him membership when they saw his amazing power. He accepted their offer and spent a few tumultuous months as an N-Forcer, but the trauma his mind had suffered caused him to be stand-offish, volatile, and sometimes overly violent. He left the team and has been a solo hero ever since, swinging his nightsticks with savage fury and disappearing into thin air.