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Where was I? Ahhhh, yes…

Name: Carter Nash
Genre: Agent of MAN
Powers/Special Skills: expert marksman; skilled combatant
Special Weapons/Tools/Armor: various firearms and gadgets
Affiliations: Mutant Annihilation Network (MAN)
Other Aliases: none
Status: active
Carter was a small child during the civil rights movement of the 1980’s surrounding the presence of mutated humans. His parents were small-minded and fearful, and taught Carter to be the same. But the idea did not cement in his mind until one afternoon when he and his parents attended a protest of a Mutant Rights march in Capitol City. A crazed mutant with the ability to make himself explode with violent force ran into the crowd of protesters and erupted, killing several of the demonstrators. Carter’s mother and father were both killed in the blast. Still reeling from the attack, little Carter was grabbed and escorted away by a man who he would later learn to treat as his own father: a man named Solomon Kersey. Solomon brought young Carter into a secret underground anti-mutant group called M.A.N., the Mutant Annihilation Network. For the next two decades, Carter was trained to be an operative, assassin, and intelligence collector, all the while being filled with anti-mutant propaganda.

Now as a man, Carter is one of MAN’s most accomplished agents and Solomon Kersey’s right-hand-man. What Carter does not know is that Kersey himself staged the attack on Carter’s parents, using an unwilling, drugged mutant to help recruit a perfect soldier.