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Blue Blazer

Name: Carlo Mancini
Genre: Criminal
Powers/Special Skills: Olympic-level acrobat; expert juggler
Special Weapons/Tools/Armor: various juggling equipment used as weaponry
Affiliations: The Mancini Travelling Circus; Circus Macabre
Other Aliases: none
Status: at large
Carlo and his twin brother Mario were members of the Mancini Travelling Circus. The brothers wowed audiences with various acrobatic stunts, but none as much as their dual juggling act, in which they would juggle several incredibly dangerous objects, from chainsaws to burning torches. They were the stars of the show every night.

But the brothers’ world was torn apart the night a terrible fire destroyed the circus, along with every other member of the Mancini family. Carlo and Mario were left to fend for themselves until were confronted and recruited by the Ringmaster, leader of the villainous Circus Macabre. The Ringmaster convinced the Mancini brothers to join his gang of carnival-themed criminals, using their skills. They agreed, not knowing that it was the Ringmaster who set the fire that killed their family.