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Blue Blazer

Name: Cancer
Genre: Artificial Intelligence
Powers/Special Skills: infallible logic; access to many forms of multimedia
Special Weapons/Tools/Armor: nearly indestructible shell; razor-sharp pincers; burrowing drill
Affiliations: The Celestials
Other Aliases: Crabot, Crusty
Status: online
Because there are currently no superheroes willing to take the name Cancer or dress like a crab, the Celestials, a team themed after the twelve zodiac signs, were short one member. Team leader Aquarius, always a stickler for the details, refused to accept an 11 member team, and so it fell to Scorpio, the team’s resident tech genius, to design a mechanical crab robot. Scorpio outdid himself with Cancer, a 3-foot high, 6-foot wide artificial intelligence with 8 legs, two pincers, and an ultranium shell. Cancer is capable out thinking only with absolute logic, which can be maddening to many members of the team. Taurus has given Cancer the nicknames Crabot and Crusty.