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Blue Blazer

Alias: Agent America

Real Name: Isaac McMahon

Genre: Superhero

Powers/Special Skills: expert in espionage, close and ranged combat, strategy

Special Weapons/Tools/Armor: robotic legs

Affiliations: CIA, Federal Agency for Superhuman Tasking (FAST)

Other Aliases: K-207

Status: active


As agent K-207, Isaac was one of the CIA’s top field operatives. He had mastered nearly every form of martial arts, was a deadeye with a firearm, and could infiltrate even the most secure of locations. But his fast-track career was cut short when on a mission he was betrayed and nearly killed by another agent, K-221. Isaac was caught in an explosion that blew off both of his legs. Only through sheer determination was he able to drag himself free of the chaos and be rescued via helicopter and returned to headquarters.


Knowing what a debt of gratitude the nation owed Agent K-207, the President authorized the commencement of Project Phoenix, originally intended for soldiers wounded in war, but perfect for a candidate like Isaac. In the procedure, Isaac was a given a new set of steel, robotic legs which granted him greatly augmented running speed along with very convenient compartment space for weapons and gadgets. Isaac was given the new codename Agent America and placed on the Federal Agency for Superhuman Tasking, a government-sponsored team of superhumans.