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Blue Blazer

Alias: Calico
Real Name: Seth Gentry
Genre: Superhero
Powers/Special Skills: superhuman senses, agility, and coordination
Special Weapons/Tools/Armor: gloved-mounted claws
Affiliations: Cat Commandos, Celestials
Other Aliases: Leo
Status: active
A genetic mutation would cause the birth of Seth Gentry, who would grow up from a strange little boy to one of the most famous people on the planet. He was born with his five senses at superhumanly high levels. He could see a fly a mile away, smell a week-old trail, hear whispers two rooms away, taste an oncoming storm on the air, and feel certain things slightly before they happened. He also quickly discovered upon learning to walk and then run and jump that he was uncannily agile and had amazing balance and reflexes. Having read comic books since he was old enough to read, Seth grew up looking forward to the day that he could use his gifts for the betterment of society, but his parents would not allow it, fearing he would be injured or killed. So he waited. In college, he began furiously exercising and toning his body while learning various fighting styles, and soon he was ready to prowl the Ford University campus, stopping would-be muggers and date rapists. Rumors of the strange cat man leaping from the shadows flew across the campus, and Seth enjoyed some secret pride. He was finally stopped one night by a strange trio of students in costumes resembling felines, and asked to join their crime fighting team. Before long, under the new alias Calico, Seth, Seth proved that he would be the best leader of the team, and was easily voted into the position. The group, known as the Cat Commandos, enjoyed relative success even after their college years, but that was not Seth’s final destination. The incredibly popular supergroup the Celestials, whose 12 members each represented a sign of the Zodiac, needed someone to fill the spot left vacant by the retiring of the previous Leo. Upon hearing word of the Cat Commandos, the Celestials’ leader Aquarius approached them and Seth as their leader was asked to fill the open 12th position. After long deliberation and the verbal support of his friends, he finally accepted and became Leo. Little did he know this would begin the downward spiral of Jaguar’s mind, enraged that he hadn’t been picked and that Seth had left the Cat Commandos.