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Blue Blazer

Alias: Aftermath

Real Name: Finn O’Henry

Genre: Supervillain

Powers/Special Skills: superstrength, durability

Special Weapons/Tools/Armor: none

Affiliations: none

Other Aliases: none

Status: at large


Finn was a construction worker, and the very definition of a man’s man. He was an alpha male bully who saw his blatant machismo and impressive upper body strength as a sign of superiority over others. During down time, the men on his crew would engage in various contests of strength and pain tolerance, which Finn would always win. Each of his co-workers secretly hated him, but feared ostracism under the assumption that everyone else liked him.


In a just world, a bully like Finn O’Henry would have been kicked by the big boot of karma. Instead, his physical imposition was exponentially augmented when one day, at the control of a jackhammer, he punched through a layer of concrete and unearthed an odd, glowing crystal. This crystal was but a tiny shard of a much larger entity at the Earth’s core known as the Power Infinitum. When he touched the gem, Finn became a huge, hulking giant with incalculable strength. With this sudden power came the instant desire to show it off, which Finn did by attacking and fighting any superhuman he could find, no matter what their intentions may be. Heroes and villains alike can’t stand the indestructible force that calls himself Aftermath.