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Blue Blazer

Alias: Aerohawk

Real Name: Oliver Johnson

Genre: Superhero

Powers/Special Skills: feathery wings allowing flight

Weapons/Tools/Armor: bladed throwing ring

Affiliations: Ornithia

Other Aliases: Avirzus (“The Thief”)

Status: active


Oliver was a young man with little direction. Never one to worry about his studies, Oliver lived for the ocean. When he had tried his hat at college and then a blue collar career, he one day decided that his true calling was to roam the seas as a wandering sailor. He worked long enough to save up for a moderate-size sailboat, stocked up on as many provisions as he could fit on it, and bade farewell to dry land. For days he sailed across the vast ocean until he came upon a raging hurricane that in his haste to leave he had not researched. His little boat was thrown around while he clung on for dear life. The mast broke off and he was skewered in the leg, his femoral artery cut. He passed out as his boat sank beneath the waves.


For days, his consciousness surfaced in brief, confusing images of strange people surrounding him. When he finally came fully awake, he found himself in a bed in a room that seemed at the same time to be both ancient and incredibly advanced. His leg was wrapped in bandages. Oliver soon learned that he had been rescued by an unknown race of beings known as Ornithians, who would have been human were it not for the huge feathery wings sprouting out of their backs. The Ornithians lived, secluded from civilization, on a small island. Oliver learned that the huge amount of blood he had lost had been replaced by the blood of one of Ornithia’s citizens. His life had been saved, but he began almost immediately to show signs of growing his own pair of wings.


For his life, the king of Ornithia demanded that Oliver repay him by marrying Ornithia’s ill-tempered princess. At first Oliver was glad to do so, but after a few days spent with her, he realized that he would be doomed to a life of misery. In the dark of night, Oliver put his new wings to the test and escaped the island. He finally made it back to the U.S., nearly dead from exhaustion, and established himself as the superhero Aerohawk in Tucker’s Point, a coastal city on the east coast. Many times hunters from Ornithia have arrived to escort Oliver back to the island country, calling him “Avirzus” because they believed he had stolen the gift of life and flight that they had granted him, but thankfully Oliver has made many friends in the hero world, and has so far been able to fight them off every time.