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Blue Blazer

Name: Bruce
Genre: Superhero
Powers/Special Skills: super strength, durability, speed, stamina; pyrokinesis
Special Weapons/Tools/Armor: armor and trident forged in Hell
Affiliations: The Army of Hell; The Freak Force
Other Aliases: unpronouncable
Status: active
Bruce was once a soldier in Satan’s army in Hell, until he had a bizarre change of heart. He decided to stop being evil and try helping people, so he escaped from Hell, bringing along his armor and pitchfork. He made quite a scene when he finally clawed his way up to Earth, being 8 feet tall, red, and horned, but he was hidden away by an old professor and occult expert. The professor, hearing the demon’s desire to be a hero, convinced him to travel the world with him, seeking out other “monsters” who wanted to turn over a new leaf. He gave the demon the nice, normal name Bruce, and the Freak Force was born.