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Blue Blazer

Alias: Big Shot
Real Name: Lester Treadwell
Genre: Superhuman Wrestler
Powers/Special Skills: gains size and strength each time he is hit
Affiliations: Association of Superhuman Wrestling (ASW)
Other Aliases: none
Status: active
All Lester Treadwell wanted to do was wrestle. And he did, with great success. He became the world champion wrestler under the name Big Shot. He went undefeated for years until a breakthrough medical test was issued to all professional sports figures, and it was discovered that Big Shot was a mutant who became stronger every time he took a blow. He was immediately banned from wrestling.

He sued the NAW (National Association of Wrestling) for discrimination against mutants and a lengthy trial took place. In the end it was decided that though mutants had an unfair advantage and shouldn’t be allowed to wrestle for the NAW, a new wrestling network would be formed. The ASW (Association of Superhuman Wrestling) turned out to be profitable for everyone. Mutants and other superhumans could wrestle each other, on national television, thereby publicizing themselves, practicing their skills, and meeting others like them, and the public had a new and exciting sport to watch, which meant a huge revenue increase for NAW, which was the mother corporation of the ASW. Soon hundreds of supers became a part of what would become the fastest growing sport in the history of the world.