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Blue Blazer

Alias: Absalom
Real Name: Robert King
Genre: Supervillain
Powers/Special Skills: none
Special Weapons/Tools/Armor: technologically advanced battle armor
Affiliations: David King, KingTech
Other Aliases: none
Status: stasis
Robert is the only child of billionaire weapons magnate David King. Robert spent his entire life enjoying his father’s money and waiting for the old man to either retire or die so he could step into his considerable shoes and run KingTech, David’s research and development company. But instead of being an active part of the company, Robert used his extravagant allowance to drink, pick up women, gamble, and basically refuse to grow up.

The day finally came when David announced that he had chosen his successor as owner and CEO of KingTech. It was his vice president, Henry Kilpatrick. Shocked and furious that he had been overlooked for someone outside of the King family, Robert immediately voiced his objection, but his always stern father rebuked him, scolding him for a life of laziness.

So, Robert decided that he would seek vengeance on both his father and Kilpatrick, and force his way into power. He convinced several of his friends in the company to design and create a robotic battle suit for him and began going by the name Absalom, for the Biblical character, and started the first of many attempts to murder David and Kilpatrick. But old man King would not have it and, though it broke his already weak heart to do so, he employed the super-mercenary Doomsayer to track and murder his son.

He was successful, to an extent. In truth, David King had merely planned to incapacitate his son and fake Robert’s death. He had instructed Doomsayer to bring Robert to the brink of death, at which point David had his son placed into a cryogenic chamber and kept alive but unconscious until such a time as David could figure out what to do with him.