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Blue Blazer

Alias: Basher Capricorn
Real Name: Dan Sumter
Genre: Supervillain turned hero
Powers/Special Skills: immense strength and size, rock-hard horns, ability to consume any material safely
Special Weapons/Tools/Armor: two large battle maces
Affiliations: Squad 7; The Celestials
Other Aliases: Capricorn
Status: at large
Basher is a beast of a man. Well, man-goat. He was once lumberjack Dan Sumter, and even then he was 7 feet tall and 350 lbs. When he stumbled upon an animal nymph in the forest he was helping take down, Dan’s life was turned upside down. And his body was turned into that of a giant half-goat/half-man. He is covered in brown fur and has two curved, rock hard horns atop his head. The transformation, which was permanent, drove Dan insane and brought out his primal masculine urge to break stuff. So he began doing this, with great success. It took the efforts of the superhero team Squad 7, particularly the Mentalist, to calm Dan down and restore his sanity. They later recruited him to the team. Dan fought with Squad 7 for a few years until he was asked by the hero Aquarius to join the zodiac-themed team the Celestials. Never feeling as though he fit in with Squad 7, Dan agreed to drop the “Basher” from his alias and he became Capricorn. He carries two humongous war maces, which compliment his incredible ramming force when knocking down buildings or tearing up a subway car.