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Blue Blazer

Alias: AB-E

Real Name: Abigail Shelley

Genre: Superhero

Powers/Special Skills: none

Special Weapons/Tools/Armor: giant robotic body with state-of-the-art weaponry

Affiliations: Dr. Victor Shelley

Other Aliases: none


The daughter of a brilliant robotics developer, six-year-old Abbie had to go with her father to his lab one day when she developed a cold and couldn’t go to school. Ever-curious and unerringly mischievous, Abbie found her way into every dangerous contraption she could gain access to, and she was involved in a horrific explosion, one that left her body broken and dying. In a fit of panic, Dr. Shelley gently put Abbie into his latest development, a heavily armed defense robot commissioned by the U.S. government, called the Auto/Bio Suit, version Echo (AB-E). Dr. Shelley was able to save his daughter by routing the robotics’ wires into Abbie’s body, keeping her heart and brain active. However, Abbie can now no longer live apart from her new giant steel body. Imagine a spoiled little girl at the helm of the most advanced individual weapons system on the planet. She gives a whole new meaning to the word “tantrum”. Although she is as prone to the usual personality quirks as any young child, Abigail is more than happy to lend a hand to any who ask her help in defending the world. Especially if it means she can tear something up.