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Blue Blazer

Alias: Abattoir

Real Name: Charles Murray

Genre: Serial Killer

Powers/Special Skills: expert hand-to-hand combatant

Special Weapons/Tools/Armor: bladed weapons

Affiliations: none

Other Aliases: none

Status: at large


Charles was a menial worker at a large-scale slaughterhouse just outside Crystal City on the west coast. His already somewhat unstable mind was warped much further with the day-after-day witnessing of thousands of cows being killed in front of him. The sight of blood and carnage slowly began to excite him in ways that at first frightened him, but eventually delighted him. Before long, he began attacking stray animals with a kitchen knife in his free time. Soon, however, that became insufficient for sating his undeniable urge for gore, and he moved on to killing the bums and junkies who littered the streets near his small apartment. But Charles’s real desires lay in the hunt, and the derelicts of Crystal City’s alleys and gutters just didn’t put up enough of a fight. Soon Charles was targeting healthier, more mobile prey, and his bloody escapades quickly caught the eye of the police and, in turn, the media, who ironically dubbed him the “Abattoir Killer” for the messy, horrifying way he flayed open his victims. Charles created a blade-ridden costume, reveling in the attention his murders were getting, and has been killing ever since…