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Blue Blazer

Name: Aaron Kruger

Genre: Supervillain

Powers/Special Skills: body part substitution; rapid healing

Special Weapons/Tools/Armor: ultranium sword

Affiliations: none

Other Aliases: none

Status: at large


This dastardly villain has the power of body part substitution. Wielding his ultranium sword, Aaron spends his time severing various body parts from superhumans and attaching them to his body, which immediately accepts them (provided they are completely organic) and is able to use their powers. He keeps his own body parts and hundreds he has collected in a secret cryogenic chamber, so he can pick and choose which he wants to use. Pictured here, Aaron is sporting the explosive left eye of the Visionary, the super-sensitive ears of Nightbat, the super-strong right arm of Tytan, the stretchy left arm of Gum Boy, and the swift legs of the Bronze Blur. In almost every case, he kills his victims.