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Blue Blazer

Alias: The Badger
Name: Neil Chandler
Genre: Supervillain
Powers/Special Skills: super strength and durability; ability to shift to a feral state
Special Weapons/Tools/Armor: razor sharp claws attached to gloves
Affiliations: The Totem Force
Other Aliases: none
Status: at large
Neil was never a good guy. In truth, he was always more or less a bully, quick to anger and prone to ridiculing others. His life as a superhuman began because of his gambling addiction, on a trip to a casino on an indian reservation. As he was staggering drunkenly to his hotel one evening after losing a ghastly amount of money, he came upon two men attempting to rob a young Native American woman. He stopped the mugging and sent the men running; not out of a sense of honor but because he thought the woman was good-looking and would sleep with him if he intervened. She did not, but she did reward him with a small totem of a badger. Neil was angered, but the little statue looked valuable and he thought he could sell it.

But he quickly discovered that the totem imbued him with uncanny physical strength. He tried becoming a masked superhero for a time, and even briefly joined the Totem Force, a supergroup composed of other totem recipients, but his savagery and ill-temper were not conducive to the hero’s life. Gradually, Neil realized that in truth, he wanted to use his new ability for his own gain, especially to be an ever bigger and more powerful bully as the Badger. The totem also allows Neil to slip into a state of almost blind fury, further enhancing his strength, speed, agility, and resilience but causing him to destroy everything around him without prejudice. His costume is equipped with incredibly sharp claws used for slashing his prey and any object that’s in his way.