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Blue Blazer

Name: Badge
Genre: Superhero
Powers/Special Skills: expert at hand-to-hand and small arms combat
Special Weapons/Tools/Armor: performance-enhancing, bulletproof suit; two pistols able to fire various projectiles
Affiliations: Ford City Police Department; The N-Force
Other Aliases: 100606-O; Oscar
Status: active
In the year 2123, the Ford City Police Department begins a new project used to eliminate human casualties in the war on crime. Lab-created clones are grown and trained from childhood to be the ultimate fighting machines, outfitted with advanced armor and weaponry, and then put on active police duty. Badge began as one of these hundreds of thousands of clones. He was known in the future as 100606-O, and he was no different than any of his fellow officers. But then the superteam N-Force were unwittingly hurled into the 22nd century, and they aided 100606-O in bringing down a notorious gangster. When the team figured out how to get back to the present, 100606-O was accidentally pulled through the time gate with them. Immediately upon arriving in our time, the future cop became more than a programmed soldier. Doctors examining him found that he, along with his brother clones, had been outfitted with a microchip that impeded their individuality and kept them from questioning their place in society. Now existing in a time when such technology wasn’t around, the link was broken and he was free to be his own man.

Now known simply as Badge, he attempted to assimilate himself into the present day FCPD, but his methods did not fit into contemporary procedure. So he struck out on his own as a superhero. Because his previous identification number ended with the designation Oscar, he sometimes uses that name.