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Blue Blazer

Name: Azrael
Genre: Demon
Powers/Special Skills: flight via wings; super strength; near-invulnerability; shape-shifting; prehensile tail; expert strategist
Special Weapons/Tools/Armor: Dreadblades
Affiliations: Army of Hell
Other Names: Satan’s Champion
Status: primarily in Hell
Azrael is Satan’s second-in-command and the general of the Army of Hell. One of his tasks is to train the army in preparation for the day that Satan and his minions free themselves from the confines of Hell and invade Earth. Like the other chief demons, Azrael was once an angel in Heaven. When Lucifer began to amass angels in the attempt to overthrow God, Azrael was the first to pledge loyalty to him. After the great ensuing battle, Lucifer and his fellow rebels were cast out of Heaven into the abyss, where there bodies were warped and twisted into monstrous forms. Azrael can travel to Earth, but when he is there his power is greatly diminished. He wields the twin Dreadblades, which are two swords that gain more power with every soul that is condemned to Hell. Though he looks brutish, Azrael is a shrewd war tactician. It was in a fight with Azrael that Father Devlin lost his right arm and rendered comatose.