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Blue Blazer

Alias: Azalea
Real Name: Julie Shields
Genre: Reformed Superhero
Powers/Special Skills: pheromone detection and manipulation; poison absorption and secretion
Special Weapons/Tools/Armor: none
Affiliations: Hero Corps: London
Other Aliases: Oleander
Status: active
Julie was a botanist focusing on poisonous plants. Her main job was to find antidotes for various toxins and poisons used defensively by many of the plants the world over. One such plant, dubbed the Yellow Dagger, had never been seen until only a few months prior. One prick from one of its thorns would immediately send its victim into cardiac arrest.

One night, Dr. Shields was working late in her office, studying the chemical build-up of the poison of the Yellow Dagger. Recent tests had shown her that this plant was not natural, but rather had been created artificially somewhere and introduced into the environment. She was almost done for the night when she was attacked by a trio of masked assailants. One of the attackers grabbed Julie in a full nelson lock while another pierced her with a Yellow Dagger thorn. Her body began to convulse as her heart went haywire from the toxin, and she lay still. The attackers were in the process of destroying her lab notes and findings when Julie suddenly sat up with a sharp gasp. Suddenly, a strange plume of light green mist began to issue from her mouth and drifted over to the intruders. All three began to choke and writhe in pain, until they collapsed in a heap on the floor of the lab. Julie checked their pockets and found that the three worked for an organization known as the Network.

Julie hauled all three of the dead bodies to the incinerator in the basement of the laboratory. She discovered over the next few days that the poison of the Yellow Dagger plant had activated an untapped mutation in her DNA. She was suddenly able to take-in any poison, toxin, or venom, store it temporarily, and while in possession of it, secrete it in a variety of forms. Also, Julie realized that she was able to pick out the smell of pheromones, and manipulate them to her will.

At first, Julie turned to used her ability to turn to crime. She would never use lethal toxins during her exploits, but she would often make security guards extremely sick. But one on bank robbery, Julie was caught in the act by a new super team called the Hero Corps: London. They escorted her back to their headquarters, where Julie first saw the superhero Albion. It was love at first sight. Though Albion was somehow able to resist Azalea’s advances, he did convince her to reform and join the Corps. Seeing little option, Julie agreed, and has been on the team ever since. She enjoys flirting with all of her teammates, including the female ones, which can get annoying to most of them, who are often put under her spell unwillingly. Her teammate Rush has absolutely no love for Julie, who has changed her name to Oleander, and wouldn’t trust her as far as she could throw her.