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Blue Blazer

Alias: Avenger Doom
Real Name: Hunter Bradley
Genre: Antihero
Power(s)/Ability(s): unexplained access to an arsenal of automatic weapons, extensive training in firearms and explosives
Affiliation: none
Past Aliases: none
Status: active
Hunter was a somewhat sadistic child with a skewed sense of justice, and when he grew up and joined the Army, he became a sadistic man with a skewed sense of justice. He showed remarkable talent in the use of weapons and was recruited into a special team of demolition experts. But his outward love of violence landed him in the civilian world, a liability the government refused to support any longer. Now, somehow still able to get his hands on a plethora of guns and explosives, Hunter roams the streets of the city of Caligo, fighting crime by extremely questionable means. He has butted heads with more than one of the city’s many heroes. He once auditioned to be the city’s champion to replace Mr. Ultimate. Below is the transcript of the interview, conducted by Caligo Mayor Ralph Logan.

Mayor Logan: Good heavens! Weren’t you asked to leave your weapons at the front of the courthouse?

Avenger Doom: Don’t nobody touch my guns.

ML: Mr. Doom, are you not aware that if you are to be this city’s protector and upholder of the law, you yourself must abide by the rules?

AD: Nobody…

ML: All right, I think we can make an exception in this case. Mr. Doom, welcome. Is there anything you’d like to start by saying?

AD: …

ML: Okay, then I’ll just ask you a few questions. First, where did you receive your weapons training?

AD: Army. Special Operations.

ML: I see. And what made you decide to try out for Caligo’s new champion?

AD: I like shooting things.

ML: Indeed. Do you have any non-lethal procedures when fighting evil?

AD: Kneecap shots, I guess. Not as fun, though.

ML: I think that will be enough. Thank you, Mr. Doom.

AD: Don’t nobody touch my guns.