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Blue Blazer

Alias: Avalanche
Real Name: Simon Griss
Genre: Supervillain
Power(s)/Ability(s): wields two hammers that can summon a wave of snow and ice
Affiliation: Sinister Society
Past Aliases: none
Status: at large
Simon was a small-time mob thug, notorious for his massive size and strength. But he remained a mere human until he was sent to Alaska to seek out and retrieve a former mafia member who had ratted out his boss to the FBI. The rat pleaded for his life, offering Simon the chance at being superhuman with two large war hammers. When banged together, the hammers summoned a huge wave of arctic ice and snow, able to bury the user’s enemies. Simon accepted the offer and went on the run from the mob himself, committing crimes to support himself, until he was picked up by the Sinister Society. Now he is a formidable member among their ranks, though he has begun to question whether the Society’s quest for world domination is truly something he wants to be part of.