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Blue Blazer

Name: Ape-X
Genre: Enhanced animal
Powers/Special Skills: genius-level intellect; immense strength
Special Weapons/Tools/Armor: bionic implants grant advanced weaponry, infrared vision, limited armor, enhanced strength, various gadgetry
Affiliations: Sphinx Foundation
Other Aliases: Ptolemy Shakespeare
Status: enslaved
Once he was simply a gorilla living in the wild in central Africa. Because he was the biggest, he was the dominant male of his troop. It was because of his imposing size that he was targeted for apprehension by the bounty hunter Carson Chase, under the employ of the shadowy corporation known as the Sphinx Foundation. Ape-X, as he would be code named, was brought to a Sphinx lab in the U.S. and pumped with various genetic enhancements, turning him into a super-genius with the body of a beast. Once he had gained this intellect, Ape-X gave himself the name Ptolemy Shakespeare, after his two most prominent inspirations. He was also given extensive bionic implants, granting him further power. But part of these additions included a device allowing the scientists of Sphinx to control his actions, and he was made Head of Security of all Sphinx facilities.