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Name:Shannon Kayes
Alter ego:Crusader
Place:New York
Type of Power:Mutation
Power Augmentation
Power Negation
Healing Factor (ability to heal rapidly with greater finality from injury; extremely fast recovery rate, immunity to illness and other defects)
Superhuman Longevity
Reactive Adaptation/Evolution
Enhanced Endurance (through training)
Enhanced Strength (through training)
Enhanced Speed (through training)
Enhanced Agility (through training)
Superhuman Durability
Ressurection (can come back to life, as well as bring others back to life)
History: Shannon always dreamed of becoming a business women so she studied hard. Unlike her little sister Paige her power seemed to appear and disappear at times. Her father struggled to keep her from using her powers but eventually he had succumbed and let her practice her powers in the safety or her house. when she was 7 years old she went on a field trip with her class to the museum her friend Diana wandered off and ended up going outside, Diana ran into the street where she got hit with a car, Paige and her class ran outside as they heard the sound of a car crash. her class stood there in fear as they saw Diana laying there in the street motionless. Shannon’s teacher tried to take everyone back in the museum as the paramedics came. Shannon ran back to her friend Diana, she was in tears as she was dying in her hands. Shannon held her tightly laying her head against her chest. the paramedic had guided her back to the teacher. before she got back to the teacher she heard Diana call out to her “Shannon” she said quietly. Everyone looked Diana with shock as she struggled to get to her feet, the paramedics helped her back to the truck. Shannon’s teacher, and the Paramedic’s asked how she brought Diana back to life because she was pronounced dead, Shannon didn’t know what she did, but she knew she was special, and she wanted to use her gift to help people