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AMS I’m trying to get a continuous universe started with a plethora of content for use by everyone, while trying to give each creator as much or little control over their character(s) as they would like to retain. As Kaylin88100 (thank you) said, because his type is Public, you or anyone else can do with him as you please. If you were to use him I would like to post a link to his new image, and a link to his story under what is already there to give the character a history to build on if someone else decided to use him. If you were to completely re-imagine him, making him white and 35 or a blonde bombshell that would open up the possibility of an alternate universe, like say Marvel and Marvel Knights. What do you think? But if the character maybe lost an arm, the use of his legs or gained superpowers then he would remain within the primary universe and be hold the same base spot he started with. If another creator wanted to make him not have powers, and you where still using him with powers, and yet a third had created an alternate version where he was the woman, spinning off an alternate universe, the aforementioned  would also spin a separate universe, giving us a total of three universes to play in.


I hope that makes sense, it gets a bit complicated after awhile, but in practice it would be more expansive than complicated.


Edited to add* I would suggest not sharing anything you hold dear at first, just in case. The details will still have to be hammered out, but think of this. Say you create a race of six armed giants called the Nogwons with male and female. Say I create a character based on this race, then Kaylin decides to add a new gender that can mate with either male or female but decides to make it a mental connection or something along those lines. Stuff could grow out of and merge from multiple ideas really giving depth and links between things, like someone else could create a race called the Doggoons who are chameleon-like, posing as Nogwons themselves, in order to infiltrate and wipe out the race. It wouldn't be fare for you to decide to pull the Nogwon race, unless you could get everyone who had created a character to agree, which would open up the opportunity for a mass extinction of the race.