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I know, right? SODWA sounds ludicrously epically amazing <3 i haven't been able to stop squeeing *cough* in a most manly and like-a-sir way *cough* since this morning, when i saw the post. I dunno what i could submit and - if it weren't for the bloody thesis i gotta write, i'd probably have more time to develop better creations - but, by gum!, imma try! As should everyone on here.

Now i’m just jealous i didn’t develop that idea sooner (talk about “if only i’d studied computer science instead :/”) but chose to create a card game based on characters appearing in my stories and illustrated via, ofc, HM (and it’s still work-in-progress). The way i read the SODWA advertisement, it should be a bit like Champions Online in terms of sheer power of customisation (except a few orders of magnitude more intense) and with battles played out a bit like in Nadirim (i would imagine). And since those are two of my most beloved games… no wonder i’m mindblown here 😀

So yeah, just my squeeing 2 cents 😉 Ah, uni work, Y U NO let me create? :<