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Haha, indeed, Dionne up here seems to truly share my pain 😉 still, i did somehow manage to make 4 new characters last week, and i’ll add a few of my previous “best of”, so i’m almost good to go here :] And, Woody, many thanks for the encouragement (*hands him a complimentary 1980s ‘tache*) – i can relate to you in that video games have definitely been a staple of my life, too, for years now, and so has writing. Except writing what you want, or rather what you keep daydreaming about, is one thing, and being ‘academically guided’ towards writing some less-exciting (to put it nicely) material is quite another 😉

That said, speaking of consultants – Woody, if you ever find yourself in need of background write-ups for SODWA or beyond, or hey, even someone with a bit of (and growing) experience in making (pen-and-paper) tile-based battlecard games, you let me know and i’ll be glad to lend a hand ^^ (just PM me about it, the e-mail should be visible on my profile, i guess?)