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Herr D

I have found the first copy already. From here I could begin. I need people to pit their wits with certain scores.
Magery=M, Memory=mm, Casting Weight Tier=T
Ingredients=i1,i2,i3 . . .

If two ingredients, pick 4 traits you want and 4 you don’t. With 3 i, 9 each for 18. Like below.
M16,mm8,T–3 pounds

Vobo rolled a 17M, lost one trait. Luckily he had 2 repeats.
i1–straw, i2–unmeasured sand–He already had a mm8 (total = traits,) so he didn’t have to roll for

a minus to his M roll. And the leftover sand? Was just leftover.
want burns burns

Neat result. . . he invented straw that he can POUR
want burns falls like sand

after he lights it. It’ll just fall, not subject to wind.
don’t rises doesn’t burn

He didn’t pick a color. He got 3 pounds of pink straw.
don’t noisy blows away

Only a fist-sized bundle. This took one action.
Do I have a volunteer to use Vobo’s stats?